New Content Security Portal

The Web Gateway product team would like to introduce you to the new Content Security Portal. To enlarge the service we provide to our customers and to homogenize the look a feel of the portal, this portal has been moved to and is adopting the McAfee Website look and feel.


As one of the most impressing novelties, the portal is offering an online rule set library where the secure labs team, part of the MWG product group, is publishing rule sets for our customers to demonstrate the products capabilities and to solve common problems in the field by implementing functionality in rule sets and making it available to the public.

This new portal replaces the previous page, which redirects to the new destination. All accounts remain valid and can be used on the new portal.



In case you have a thought, a rule set, a problem and a solution, an revolutionary idea, etc. Please post them to this form and reference Online Rule Library in the subject of your post!


Apart from this functionality, the portal continues to offer the usual value add service to our customers, such as information on product updates, most recent engine, DAT and library versions, updates and documentation in a consolidated portal.


Content Security Portal: