As you might have noticed, new versions of MWG are released as so called controlled releases.




I just want to add a bit more color on what you can expect to happen in future.



  • Most existing customers don't want to receive too many updates. They want to stay on a stable release branch for a longer time.
  • If they run into a bug and get a fix, they appreciate to receive a patch that does not introduce new features; they only want bug fixes.
  • We are helping those customers with our "one main release approximatly once a year" approach now.
  • 7.1 came out about a year after 7.0 and you can expect a 7.2 about a year after 7.1
  • In the meantime we are doing fourth digit changes and will provide more 7.1.0.x releases to fix bugs that are found on that release branch. You will see those releases throughout the year
  • Customers not modifying their yum repositories on the box receive those minor updates when they check for new versions throughout the year.
  • At the same time some existing customers and many new customers may be very interested to receive new features as soon as possible.
  • Some deals may depend on a new feature and we don't want those to wait a year
  • This may also be true for some product improvements that require architectural changes that are too big for a minor maintenance release
  • Therefore we are providing intermediate feature releases, expect 2-3 between two main releases.
  • You can see those as iterations on the way to the next main release.
  • We call those "controlled release".
  • They are fully supported though and there is no restriction or special qualitfication for somebody to take such a release
  • But customers need to change their yum repository on the boxes and understand that they are dealing with new technology.


And to note - both lines of releases, controlled and main, are fully supported.


Please also read the poll on MWG controlled releases, where you are asked to vote if they are supporting your business or if they are not supporting your business, given that you have read the above explanation.