I am proud to announce that McAfee Web Gateway 7.1 was released to the download sites today, March 30, 2011. This closes a one year long project known as 'Scandium'.




Key Features Summary for project 'Scandium':



  • FIPS 140-2 – McAfee Web Gateway is currently in the process of being certified under the Cryptographic Module Validation Program for FIPS 140-1 and FIPS 140 –2; please see http://csrc.nist.gov/groups/STM/cmvp/inprocess.html for further detail. The FIPS mode is already available today on every Web Gateway Appliance - For more information on the installation procedure, see the McAfee Web Gateway Quick Start Guide and the Setup and Logon chapter of the McAfee Web Gateway Product Guide.


  • SSL Reverse Proxy – SSL connection can now be accepted not only for proxied connections but also for SSL connections, which are redicreted to the proxy. This allows to apply all market leading security controls also to any kind of inbound SSL traffic in addition to plain http only traffic.


  • Status and Alerts – As a new feature, this release allows cluster wide monitoring and incident reporting from a single view in the administration interface.


  • Kerberos authentication with load balancing– With this release load-balanced Kerberos authentication is possible. Authentication tickets can be issued for the load balancer and validated using the Kerberos authentication method.


  • Load balancing for authentication with Windows Domain Controllers – McAfee Web Gateway now measures the responsiveness of AD Controllers and will automatically select the fastest one.


  • Proxy Configuration Files – By providing one or more proxy auto-configuration (PAC) files on the appliance, you can support web browsers on clients in finding proxies that enable access to particular web sites.


  • Localized end-user messages – End user error messages in different languages are available for upload into MWG 7.1 and can notify users in their local language. In addition to the shipping templates in English language, message texts are available in localized versions, for French, Spanish, German, Japanese, simplified Chinese.


Notes: For a detailed  list of all new functionality and enhancements, please consult the release notes.

The update repositories for appliances are updated and are hosting MWG 7.1. Existing Customers requiring access to this release need to add the repository to their update sources. Please consult the release notes for details on this procedure.


With best regards,

Michael Schneider, CISSP

Senior Product Manager – Web Security

Content & Cloud Security