I got some questions this week on VMWare and where the virtual appliance is.


All  Webwasher related downloads reside on this portal:  https://extranet.webwasher.com, to gain access it is suggested to  contact customer service to set up an account for you.

In the portal you need to navigate to Software > McAfee Web Gateway 7 > Download to download the .iso.

The ISO can be mounted in VMWare to act as installation source.




For a VM to just test the product, you should setup the VM to have

2 CPUs

min. 4096GB of Ram

200+ GB of disk space

no soundcard

floppy is optional

USB is optional

min. one NIC


If you need a sizing for your virtual environment, please request assistance through your account manager/sales engineer.


It  is notable, that copying a VMWare with MWG will corrput the  installation, due to a change of the UUID inside the BIOS. MWG uses the  UUID as unique identifier for the machine.

If you want to create a  default one to spawn new instance from, just install an instance. After  the install of the packages, you will be asked if you want to reboot,  halt, or shell. At this point, select halt. After the VM has halted (message on the console) shut it down and use this VM as template.

Make  sure you attend the initial startup from a VSphere console to enter the  initial config wizard and setup up basic connectivity.