we often talk about security and how great we do in the web 2.0 and beyond world of today.


But how great can security be without a foundation? Right, it can't be great!


On the web gateway side this means that in addition to all security countermeasures we provide we also must provide a solid basis for hosting these feature. Antimalware, ProActive Scanning, GTI enabled source and destination filtering, they are all worthless as long as you don't have a facility to get traffic to them, which in our case is providd by the proxy as such.

Most people just see the proxy as "yeah, everybody has  proxy" and assume that one proxy equals another. Let me try to shed some light on why out proxy is doing so great and what additional benefit it provides to you and why it is so important not only to rely on securiy features, but also to take the hosting platform into consideration.


All the foundation that the proxy provides, is as important as the security filtering, well actually -it is already security! Think about the AAA functionality - who, what, where when, would be possible without tripple a. Securing access to the internet and controlling what user of which group is going where would be rather impossible without this capability. Additionally look at all the option we provide - Radius, NTLM Agent, Native NTLM, local user directory and Kerberos. These provide a great set of controls to match a) your technical environment but also to match your business requirements and you security policy. You can see how these go hand in hand.


Security has evloved to not only be AV, URL Filter, SSL Scanner, but has become a scenario in which only a holistic view on the concept can make sure you have success. Dont just focus on security, but look at it together with your infrastructual requirements.


These of course include HA, Trasparent deployment modes, Upstream Proxy routing, dynamic routing as well as high throughput.



Your infrastrcuture, your business, your policy -> your McAfee Web Gateway.