For those either considering a move to Microsoft Office 365 or already on the platform, adding McAfee SaaS Email Protection to Exchange online is a simple process. If you're wondering why you would want to add additional security to Exchange Online, consider this: while Office 365 includes strong built-in security features, advanced security is required to protect your organization from today’s highly targeted and rapidly changing phishing attacks.


In these attacks, cybercriminals are not only taking advantage of human vulnerability, they are also using sophisticated tactics. These include one-time URLs, delayed infection—where linked web content is infected after the email message is scanned and delivered to inboxes—and multistage, stealthy attacks that gather details about endpoints and networks to target sensitive data more precisely.


By simply layering McAfee SaaS Email Protection on top of Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online, you get enterprise-grade security without having to sacrifice flexibility and the productivity advantages of the cloud.


To protect against evolving, sophisticated phishing tactics, McAfee SaaS Email Protection includes ClickProtect, which provides URL awareness and protection. ClickProtect uses the McAfee Gateway Anti-Malware Engine, the same technology found in McAfee Web Protection, which goes beyond reputation and signatures to emulate the behavior of destination websites and enable detection of zero-hour malware. It also helps users become more vigilant and aware of phishing exploits by unmasking suspicious URLs and providing category and reputation information of websites through safe previews. And, no matter which device is used to access email, the protection follows.


By adding additional layers of McAfee Email Protection to Exchange Online, you also improve time to protection. Your malware policies and antivirus data are updated in just minutes. Exchange Online users can gain up to 10 times the threat response time and more than twice the cloud intelligence with McAfee Global Threat Intelligence feeds. And email continuity provides assurance of continuous email communication whenever Office 365 experiences an outage.


Access the McAfee SaaS Email Protection deployment guide for Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online here.