On a regular basis, we release enhancements to our SaaS Email Security products. Our product teams work hard to keep our services updated with features that meet the needs of our customers. Check out this quarter's updates for SaaS Email Security:


McAfee SaaS Email Protection 

  • Improvements in spam detection: Changes have been made to the email filtering infrastructure to better protect against new forms of mass mailing campaigns, including “hail storm” and “snow shoe” spam. These are being rolled out immediately, and will incrementally reduce spam volume over a period of several months.
  • New Email Continuity interface: The end-user interface for Email Continuity has been revamped, providing a more intuitive experience for sending and receiving mail during a server outage.
  • New reporting for DKIM: Administrators can now see important statistics around the impact of their DKIM policies, providing insight into the use of this identity validation tool in their network of email correspondence.


McAfee SaaS Email Archiving

  • Exchange 2013 Support: Journaling capability required to run email archiving is now supported for Exchange 2013.
  • Admin Search Update: A new interface has been introduced which allows administrators to search for and interact with multiple messages simultaneously in an archive, providing improved administrative flexibility.


A full description of this release's enhancements can be found here: SaaS Email and Web Security 8.1.0 Release Notes