A common question I get from customers, particularly new customers is concerning the recommended settings for Email Protection in the Control Console. I usually recommend that customers use the defaults until they get used to the way the product works, however Email Protection policies offer a lot of opportunity for custom configuration. I’ll offer some tips for configuring your policies based on different needs over the next few posts.


Starting with Policies Under Email Protection – Policies – Spam.


The Classification tab allows you to change the action you take with messages that are probably spam or almost certainly spam. If you want to have the ability release most messages selecting the quarantine option can allow users an opportunity to customize their allow lists. The setting can be changed back to deny once the users are used to the way the product filters.


On this same tab is the Enable Real Time block lists (RBLs). It is recommended that this setting is turned on, as it protects customers from originating IP addresses that are committing deliberate email abuse. More information in our knowledge base can be found here: https://mycusthelp.net/MCAFEE//_cs/AnswerDetail.aspx?aid=142645


The Block unrecognized bounce messages ("backscatter") option is not checked by default. This option will prevent unrecognized bounce messages, sent as a result of spoofed spam to be denied, as long as you are using the outbound filtering service.  Bounce messages can be the hardest spam to block because technically they are valid email, so this filter works really well for our customers that are using outbound filtering.

The third tab in this category is Reporting. This tab offers a lot of options for customization. You can change the frequency and format of Spam Quarantine Reports and allow little or a lot of options for users to customize their own reporting experience depending on how little or how much control you want to give them.  You can now send users two reports a day at specified times. Allowing the Spam Control for Outlook to be downloaded by users can be a great way for users to easily submit the spam messages they do get directly to our security team.