We have released several enhancements to our SaaS Email and Web Security products, culminating in our 8.0.0 release. Our product teams work hard to keep our services updated with features that meet the needs of our customers. Check out the April updates for SaaS Email Security:


Account Management

  • Improvements to the Directory Services Connector: New functionality includes the ability to run incremental synchronizations, approve or reject sync results including auto-approve, and additional download options including user details and input data.
  • Support for IE 11:  Internet Explorer version 11 is supported for the Control Console, Message Continuity, and Email Encryption Portal.


McAfee SaaS Email Protection 

  • Region-aware outbound filtering: Outbound server setup displays a “smart host” hostname corresponding to the region selected during MX Record setup, providing a more intuitive setup experience.
  • Outlook 2013 support for add-ins: McAfee SaaS Outlook add-ins including “Send Encrypted” and “Spam Control for Outlook” support Outlook 2013.


McAfee SaaS Email Archiving

  • Multiple Historical Mail Sources: Administrators now have the ability to create multiple historical mail sources (previously limited to one) to increase the performance of large historical data imports.
  • Outlook 2013 support for archive add-in: The SaaS Email Archiving Outlook add-in, which provides end-user search capability for individual archives, supports Outlook 2013.


A full description of this quarter's enhancements can be found here: SaaS Email and Web Services 8.0.0 Release Notes