Have you ever wanted to get more out of Email Defense or learn more about Web Defense? Did you know that McAfee offers lots of great eLearning and Instructor lead classes through the McAfee Learning Management System (LMS) at no cost?


The newest eLearning module, Advanced Message Audit Training, will help you get the most out of Message Audit; it explains the message dispositions you will see and how to identify when a message is successful or was quarantined or bounced for a policy violation.


Instructor lead classes are available for Email Defense, Web Defense, Archiving and Single Sign On. Those courses are also available as recordings to access any time.

Shorter videos that guide you through tasks like creating users, running reports and managing groups and policies are also available.


If you do not yet have an account on the LMS, please request access for yourself and/or others in your organization via an email with participant name, participant e-mail address and the company name to training@mcafeesaas.com. Once confirmed, registration information will be emailed to each person.