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What it is…


Graymail is made up of all those newsletters, deals, offers, group updates and social updates that were opted in to knowingly and sometimes unknowingly, but aren’t categorized as spam. Some sources of this email are, signing up for a newsletter, joining a group or social site, or even  dropping a business card at a convention to enter a giveaway. The problem is, people get more of this type of mail than any other kind of email and it lowers productivity and clogs up inboxes. Often the unsubscribe links in this email do not work and opting in to one company’s email campaign automatically signs you up for email from a number of ‘trusted’ partners.


The solution…


McAfee SaaS Email Protection now offers a Graymail filter.  When enabled, filtered graymail shows up as spam in the user’s Spam Quarantine and Spam Reports. The user is now able to go through this mail at their convenience rather than dealing with it as it’s delivered.  Since users have differing opinions on what is and isn’t graymail, the user level and admin-level ‘Sender Allow’ lists bypass graymail filtering for specified senders. With our most recent release, an individual user can decide to opt out altogether or change how the system filters it, by denying it, tagging it or allowing it.


For More Information…

For more information including how to enable Graymail filtering, go to our knowledge base and search ‘graymail’.

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