Every quarter, we release enhancements to our SaaS Email and Web Security products. Our product teams work hard to keep our services updated with features that meet the needs of our customers. Check out this quarter's updates for SaaS Email Security:


Account Management

  • Directory Integration/Directory Services Connector updates – The controlled release of DSC v2.1 includes enabled ePO permission sets and enhancements to the user sync process.
  • New Domain Selectors – The redesigned Domain selectors make it easier for administrators to select and navigate between multiple domains.


McAfee SaaS Email Protection

  • Graymail Filtering – The service includes a pre-built content policy that can be leveraged to easily identify and block graymail


McAfee SaaS Email Archiving

  • Updated Storage Configuration Pages - A new, centralized setup page has been created which relocates two prior functions of customer configuration, Archive Retention Length and Selective Purge.
  • Retention Length Configuration - Customer Administrators now have the ability to update archive data retention lengths.



For a detailed description of this quarter's enhancements, view the full update here.