Database Purge : Configure the Database Purge Task to Run every 2 weeks during non peak hours periodically clears the database by removing old data, such as old log entries and quarantined items. Purging the database helps you manage the disk space.




Reclaiming Space From Purge


The optimize task is used to re-claim disk space when items in the database have been purged. This task can be run by the customer using the tools provided by the database vendor.

It is not recommended to run the optimize command very frequently because this will result in frequent allocation/de-allocation of space. This may impact MQM performance. Some recommendations for running the optimize command:

1. If you must run the optimize command, run it once every 6 months or so.

2. Before running the optimize command, stop the MQM service. (Note – at this point quarantined items will get queued up on the appliance)

3. Make sure free space on the disk is 150% the size of the MySQL database.

4. MySQL command for optimize: ‘optimize’. MSSQL command for optimize: ‘shrink’

If the customer is using MySQL shipped with MQM, as the database, then run the command “call pOptimize();” from the MySQL prompt. This will call a stored procedure written specifically for MQM, and all the domain tables in MQM will be optimized.