If you insert the MEG 7.x ISO CD into the Appliance drive, and you reboot the Appliance to attempt a re-image, you see the following error:


Failed to identify the platform in use. Press the enter key to reboot the system


Software installation media has specific hardware requirements. MEG software installer compares the installation requirement with the running appliance hardware information. If the installer does not find matching hardware, or discrepancy from the expected requirement, it raises the error message and stops installation. There are a variety of reasons which can lead to this situation. To resolve it, try checking each solution listed below.


Solution (1)
If you begin to see the problem after you change the appliance hardware configuration and/or settings in the BIOS setup, such as changing memory, processor, and RAID disk, it is highly likely that the change caused the problem. Revert the change back and try to reboot the appliance.


Solution (2)

Try to boot from the latest available installation ISO image. The latest installation ISO image supports latest available hardware platform. This applies especially repurposing IronMail hardware to run MEG 7.x.


Solution (3)
Check your appliance model in the McAfee Product & Technology Support Lifecycle for Appliances to see if your appliance is already EOL:
McAfee removes support for EOL models from the installer.


Solution (4)
MEG 7.5 and later uses a 64-bit operating system, and requires 64-bit compatible hardware. Customers using MEG 7.0 on a virtual machine running on a 32-bit ESX host should continue using MEG 7.0 (KB77795).


Solution (5)
There is a known issue specific to Intel-based EG5000 and EG5500 appliance models. Your Intel-based EG5000 or EG5500 appliance displays multiple issues after failing to obtain platform-specific information from the BIOS. KB76748 explains the details of the problem. KB79867 explains how to update the BIOS package. Please read the KB articles and follow the instructions.
IMPORTANT: Do not apply any software patches when the appliance is in this state.


Solution (6)
If you have Fail-open Kit, and it is connected to the appliance with serial (RS-232) cable, unplug the serial cable and retry booting from the installer ISO image.


Solution (7)
Follow the below instructions to obtain the details for the error:

  1. While you are seeing the "Failed to identify the platform in use. Press the enter key to reboot the system" message, type why then hit enter key. The installer will show the information in the screen.
  2. You can scroll up and down by Shift+PageUp and Shift+PageDown respectively in the console. Take pictures of the each page.
  3. Type saveit then hit enter key. Then follow the onscreen instructions to save the file to USB.
  4. Run IDT tool to obtain diagnostic information. The latest version of the IDT tool is available from the download page. See PD24396 for version 3 usage.

Contact McAfee Technical Support and provide the pictures, the saveit results, and IDT results.


NOTE: Below lists typical errors and their resolution for the saveit output in the /logs/ident_log:

Error: /install/variants/mcafee/platform_XXXXXXXX.xml: wrong amount of memory (got ####### want ####### .. #######)
Resolution: Identify bad DIMM and reseat. If reseat does not resolve the problem, replace the DIMM.

Error: /install/variants/mcafee/platform_XXXXXXXX.xml: wrong number of virtual processors (got # want >= # and <= #)
Resolution: Turn hyperthreading On or Off in the BIOS depending on the numeric discrepancy values.

Error: /install/variants/mcafee/platform_XXXXXXXX.xml: missing hard drive sda (runtime sda)
Resolution: Reseat hard drive.