McAfee Quarantine Manager (MQM) 7.x


Microsoft Outlook



When using the HTML attachment as the digest mail format, you cannot take actions on quarantined items if you view the attachment in the Outlook Preview Pane. You see one of the following issues:


  • When you click the button associated with the required action, nothing happens.
  • You see one of several possible errors, and the yellow warning triangle is displayed at the bottom of the browser.
If you double-click the attachment and open it in a browser, the actions all work as expected.



This is a limitation of the Preview Pane in Microsoft Outlook. By default, it blocks scripts and forms from running as a security precaution.


Open the attachment in a browser for full functionality, or switch the digest to HTML Inline digests as follows:
  1. Select Administrator Management, Manage Domains.
  2. Select the domain to be configured, and click Modify Configuration.
  3. Select the Templates tab.
  4. Under Mail Format, select HTML inline.
  5. Click Apply.