We update KB76144 - MEG FAQ - as needed. On this short blog post, I would like to introduce some of the changes made recently. For full length of the FAQ, please visit KB76144.


An End user has requested the release of some quarantined email items through the quarantine notification digest, but MEG retains it with Release Request Pending status. Why?
MEG on-box quarantine has several queues, such as spam and compliance. Only spam can be released directly to the user. After the user raises a release request for a non-spam/non-viral message, MEG marks it as Release request: Pending . The Administrator has the authority to process the release request from the Message Search by selecting the corresponding quarantined emails and triggering the Release Selected option. 


What is the recommended size of the data storage for the MEG virtual appliance?
McAfee recommends 120 GB. Although the minimum configurable size is 40 GB, it can fill up with logs and/or user data, which may result in the logging and/or reporting feature becoming unstable or failing to work properly. Contact McAfee technical support if your disk partition is filling and you experience instability with your virtual appliance installation.

IMPORTANT: After the Appliance is installed, the disk size cannot be changed. You .img” must define the size of the data storage disk during installation.


Can I configure a configuration push on the cluster master Appliance to push to the cluster failover Appliance and cluster scanner Appliances?
No. See KB82172   for full details.

IMPORTANT: Do not enable the configuration push feature among cluster member Appliances.