MEG 7.6.2 supports Advanced Threat Defense





McAfee Email Gateway (MEG) 7.6.2 and later



New functionality for Advanced Threat Defense has been added to allow integration of McAfee Advanced Threat Defense support for the MEG appliance.



To enable Advanced Threat Defense support:


    Open the Appliance Management Console.

    Browse to System, ATD Servers.

    Click Add Server.

        Enter the IP for the ATD Appliance.

        Enter the User configured on ATD Appliance.

        Enter the Password configured on the ATD Appliance. Click Next.

        Enter Proxy Server if required. Click Next.

        Click Test Connection. Verify in the status window that MEG can successfully establish a connection to ATD.

        Click Finish.


    Click Apply Changes as required.


To enable Scanning using ATD:


    Open the Appliance Management Console.

    Browse to Email, Email Policies, Anti-Virus, Viruses.

    Select the Advanced Threat Defense tab.

    Select Enable Advanced Threat Defense.

        Click the drop down to configure which virtual machine profile to use to scan emails.

        Configure the Action to take. Click OK.

    Click Apply Changes.