With the end of support quickly approaching for MEG 7.0 in 8 months for Feburary 2015 we often get questions for how to migrate appliances from 5.6 or 7.0 to MEG 7.5 or 7.6.  This blog post is to share steps which can make migrating versions easier.




How to migrate Email Gateway using the rescue image on the Appliance hard disk

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McAfee Email Gateway 7.x

McAfee Email and Web Security 5.6



Installing from the rescue image on the Appliance hard disk can make migration easier, while keeping the Configuration and Emails on the disk. This is useful when the Appliance is not local and needs to be migrated to the latest software version.



IMPORTANT: McAfee strongly recommends that you perform the following actions before you perform the migration:


    Patch the current installed version to the latest patch before performing the migration.

    Ensure that you have saved a backup of the latest configuration prior to migrating.


To perform the migration:


    Download the required ISO rescue image from the McAfee website.


    Export and extract the Appliance configuration file:

        Create a new folder and provide a descriptive name. For example, Appliance_config_backup.

        On the Appliance, select System, Cluster Management, Backup and Restore Configuration.

        Click Backup Config, and then click the link to save the configuration.

        Save this configuration to the new folder.


    Import the latest ISO:

        Open the Appliance Management Console.

        Click System, System Administration, Rescue Image.

        Click Import Image.

        Browse to the ISO that the Appliance is going to be migrated to and click OK.


    Perform the migration to the latest version:

        Click System, System Administration, Rescue Image.

        Click Force Boot from Rescue Image.

        Select Install software preserving configuration and email messages.

        Enter the Appliance password.

        Click OK.


        The Appliance reboots, and uses the rescue image to reimage the Appliance using the installation options selected.


        Once the migration is complete, the Appliance will boot under the upgraded version.