Sometimes, it's easy to get a touch overwhelmed.


Do you know the feeling?  You have so much data coming at you that sometimes you just want a summary that you can print out, take away from your desk and spread out on a table to peruse while you have a snack....


Okay, I'm kidding, a little, but  the other day a customer asked, "I would like a way to print out my configuration."


I don't know whether or not a snack was required, but our customer thought we might need to put in a product enhancement request for this.


Happily, we don't!  McAfee Email Gateway comes with a built-in configuration report under System > System Administration.  About halfway down that screen is the option to produce a Configuration Report.  You will need to have popups enabled on your browser for the appliance's IP, because the report is an HTML report that does pop up.  A Table of Contents is populated with links to the appropriate place in the full document to find the specific information you seek.  Following is an example ToC from a 7.0.0 lab appliance (the links do not work from this post, they are for illustration only, to show you the information that is included on the report):


Table of Contents

Appliance Setup
Basic Settings
Network Interface Settings
DNS and Routing
Remote Access
Time and Date
Database maintenance
Configuration Push
Role-based User Accounts
Group Management
Directory Services
Policy Groups
Logging, Alerting and SNMP
SNMP Monitor Settings
SNMP Alert Settings
Email Alerting
System Log Events
Component Update Configuration
Spam Update Settings
McAfee GTI Web Categorization Database Update Settings
Anti-Virus Update Settings
Automatic Package Updates
Protocol Presets
policy test1
Scanning Policies
Default Web Mail Client policy
Default policy
Queued email delivery
Delivery settings
Physical Host
Quarantine Configuration
Transparent Settings
Operating System Settings
Miscellaneous Network Settings

Report Information.

Generation time Mon Jan 20 13:47:15 UTC 2014 (Mon Jan 20 13:47:15 UTC 2014)
Appliance version Email Gateway (4500) v7.0
Build number 2151.108 WS_9_0_20120218_2000_108



A sample expansion of the DNS and Routing Section looks like this:


DNS and Routing

DNS Servers

Only send queries to these servers true

Table 3. Servers


Network Routing

Dynamic routing enabled false
Static routes No values



So without digging through screens, it's quick and painless to figure out the answer to questions like, "What DNS server is this appliance using?" or other configuration questions that might arise while troubleshooting or even just doing the day to day administration of the appliance.

As you can see, the report is really quite comprehensive, and it provides administrators with another way to cope with documenting their system configurations, or to compare one appliance configuration with another (over time, sometimes an administrator will get a feeling that one appliance has something a bit different about it that is causing it to behave differently), and the system configuration report is a tool that can be used to prove or disprove this as well.  Again, the output is html, so it can be saved, or printed out.


Our customer was pleased to be able to print a full configuration report, saying that was exactly what they'd been looking for, so I thought pointing it out would serve as a pleasant reminder to some, and if you didn't know it was there, it's a new feature to you, and one we hope you find enjoyable and useful.