MEG appliance has compliance scanning feature which allows you to block email message based on detection against particular text string in the email message.


For example, if you want to block outgoing email messages containing Social Security Number, you can create SMTP policy group for outbound email then configure its Compliance policy to block it.


  1. Create SMTP policy group:

    NOTE: If you already have SMTP policy group for outbound emails, skip to process number 2. Configure Compliance policy setting.

    NOTE: This example assumes that your outbound emails are sent from local IP address range and your email address is like John_Smith@example.local. Change these addresses to suit with your environment when you configure your appliance.
    1. Open the appliance management console.
    2. Navigate to Email, Email Policies, Select a protocol: SMTP.
    3. Click Add Policy button.
    4. Enter policy name, for example Outbound Compliance Check.
    5. Change Email direction to Outbound.
    6. Change Match logic to Match all of the following rules.
    7. Click Add Rule.
    8. Configure the rule as below, then click OK.
      Rule type: Source IP address
      Match: is in
    9. Click Add Rule.
    10. Configure the rule as below, then click OK.
      Rule type: Recipient email address
      Match: is not like
      Value: *@example.local
    11. Click OK


  1. Configure Compliance policy setting:
    1. Open the appliance management console.
    2. Navigate to Email, Email Policies, Select a protocol: SMTP.
    3. Identify the row of your policy group for outbound emails.
    4. Click Compliance.
    5. Choose Yes for Enable compliance for <your_policy_name>.
    6. Click Create new rule.
    7. Enter rule name, for example SSN Detection, then click Next.
    8. For Dictionaries to include, enter Social to Search, click Search dictionary names icon.
    9. Check Social Security Number, then click Next.
    10. For Dictionaries to be excluded, do not check anything, then click Next.
    11. For If the compliance rule is triggered, choose one of the Block action, for example Refuse the data and return an error code.
    12. For And also, you can configure additional actions, such as to deliver notification email to the sender of the original email or to deliver a notification email to administrator. Check the item(s) per your requirement.
    13. Click Finish to the Rule Creation Wizard.

      NOTE: Appliance has a template rule for Social Security Number detection. To use the template, click Create new rule from template, find North America PII - Social Security Number Violations, then proceed the Rule Creation Wizard.
    14. Click OK for the Compliance Settings.
    15. Apply changes.


Then, you can send a test email to your external mail box such as Gmail over the MEG appliance. You can use the test string "SSN 111-22-3333" in either message body or subject. After sending the test email, you can open Message Search to verify the results.


You can create your own dictionary and term to meet with your requirement.


  1. Create your dictionary and term:
    1. Open the appliance management console.
    2. Navigate to Email, DLP and Compliance, Compliance Dictionaries.
    3. Click Add Dictionary button in Dictionary List area.
    4. Name your dictionary, put description as needed, choose language whether it is English or not, and choose match type whether it is simple string match dictionary or regular expression dictionary.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Click your new dictionary to highlight it in the Dictionary List.
    7. Beneath the Dictionary List, locate Dictionary details for your new dictionary.
    8. Click Edit icon for the New term, change the term to suit with your required term.
    9. Enable Case sensitive, Wildcard, Starts with, and Ends with options as needed.
    10. Click OK.
    11. Add terms and conditions based on your need.
    12. Apply changes.


Now that you can use your own dictionary with your own term settings in the compliance policy settings.


Compliance dictionary and term have a lot of options for customizing matching logic. For the details, open online help by clicking the question icon located at the top right corner of the appliance management console, then navigate to Contents, Overview of Email menu, DLP and Compliance overview, Compliance Dictionaries.