Many of our MEG 6.7 customers are working on upgrading at this time to MEG 7.x.  Some have been using the Attachment Analysis feature in MEG 6.7, and specifically a feature called Drop Part.  This feature was useful because it allowed the dropping of an attachment from the message, while still allowing the rest of the message to proceed through the appliance. 



When configuring this feature, the customer would specify that they wanted to drop the part, and what action value they wanted that to have.  Although it wasn't well explained in the GUI, the Action Value here is the text with which the dropped part will be replaced.  This allowed admins to cause particular types of files to be dropped and replaced with a plain text attachment which advises users of the fact that an attachment was there, what type it was, and what they need to do if this was done in error. 


Although it may not be obvious, the MEG 7.x software has a feature very similar in nature.  When setting up a File Filtering rule, the admin can choose to Replace the Content with an Alert.  This modifies the message and places a file called warning.htm on the email in place of the replaced file.




Although it isn't currently possible to set a different alert text for each individual rule in File Filtering, one alert can be configured for all of file filtering.  To do so, click the link at the bottom of the File Filtering settings box which says "Change the Default Alert Text". 



Clicking that link will bring up the Alert Editor, and give the admin the ability to edit the content of the alerts for File FIltering.



But what if an admin wants to have more control here?  Unfortunately, the way things currently are handled, it's not currently possible to do custom alerts for a particular rule within a policy.  As such, admins have to work with this.  However, MEG 7.6 offers a new feature that makes this somewhat easier to handle.  In MEG 7.6, we have a feature which allows admins to manage notification templates.  Thus, for files where an admin wants to be able to specify more detail for the particular file type, it's possible to take whatever action you like for the primary action (accept and drop/replace with an alert/etc.) and then send a custom notification to the user.  To set this up, first, set up your file type rule in the main file filtering dialog.  Then click the link for that file type under If Triggered, and select to send one or more notification emails.


Next, click the Manage Templates link and create the template for the notification you want to send.  In this example, I created a template called "Alert for Blocked PDFs".  Once you get done creating that template, come back to this screen and check the box corresponding to the new template and click OK on out and save the changes.  Now messages blocked for this file type will get a custom notification just for this file type.


Note that all the screenshots of MEG 7.x taken in this blog post were taken from a MEG 7.6 appliance, and thus may not be exactly the same as in earlier versions of the GUI.