As the holiday season approaches, which is a time where we typically see more spam activity than at other times of the year, it's a good time to remember the McAfee Customer Submission Tool.

If you are not familiar with MCST, it's a plugin for Microsoft Outlook, supporting Outlook 2010 and below, that allows easy, user-friendly methods of working with actual emails to customize a user's experience and diminish administrator load.  It can help you reduce the amount of unwanted email (or spam) that you receive, while helping to ensure that the mail you do wish to receive gets through.


How does it work?  Extra buttons or menu entries become available when you read your email.  These allow you to


• Submit email samples to McAfee Labs for further analysis
• Submit email samples to McAfee Quarantine Manager to help prevent further spam
• Submit unwanted email that was not categorized as spam (or phish)
• Submit email that was wrongly categorized as spam (or phish)
• Delete the email message optionally after the submission
• Add a spam sender’s email address to the blacklist to prevent more spam
• Add a sender’s email address to a whitelist to prevent further email from that sender being wrongly
categorized as spam or phish
• Add all the email addresses in your Microsoft Outlook Contacts folder to a whitelist, to prevent
emails from known contacts being wrongly categorized as spam or phish
• Access the tool using the buttons available in the standard toolbar and the entries available in the Actions menu or the ribbon interface in Outlook 2010.


And best of all - it's free!  You can download either the 32 bit or 64 bit version from  On the right side of the page is a box listing "McAfee Customer Submission Instructions" in the eight languages McAfee Email Gateway supports.  Clicking on your language will allow you to download a Product Guide and a supplemental Readme.  Both are very helpful and informative.