Most customers we talk to that allow their users to use Macs at work tend to treat them closer to that of BYOD. Essentially, the end user makes most of the decisions on what to install, when to install and when to upgrade the OS etc. 


Starting OS X Mountain Lion, Apple introduced management APIs for their OS integrated Drive Encryption offering (called Filevault). As we looked closely at the extremely vertically integrated Apple hardware and OS ecosystem, we came to the conclusion that we finally had the ability to provide our mutual customers with a "data protection solution" that would be non-invasive for the user, extremely simple to manage and operate.


We are excited to announce the General Availability of Management of Native Encryption v1.0 today. Several early adopter customers have been using this since the launch of OS X Mavericks last week with great success. All McAfee Encryption customers are automatically authorizedand entitled to this new offering for Apple's . Our cross OS licensing model entitles our customers to utilize their license count against both Windows and Macs.


Some of the benefits that MNE provides are:


- Ability to upgrade from one major OS X version to nextwithout having to decrypt and re-encrypt the drive

- Ability to SSO from Filevault’s pre-boot environment directly into OS X

- Zero day compatibility with OS X patches, upgrades,firmware updates from Apple

- Zero day support for new hardware from Apple

- IT can enforce password policies for OS X.

- Full compatibility in pre-boot for all languages supported by Apple

- Support for a new BYOD mode where the device is not managed, only state of compliance is reported in ePO (suitable for contractors)

- Unusually simple to administer and manage


Apple's OS X Mavericks Operating System

In addition to OS X Mavericks being a "free upgrade", Apple has also ensured that hardware models from 2007 are eligible for this upgrade. If users in your organization are authorized to use Macs at work, it would be logical to expect most to upgrade to OS X Mavericks very quickly.


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  2. Leverage this new product to get all unmanaged Macs into a state of complianceextremely quickly and without having to take on an extreme operation cost tomanage them.