Note: File & Removable Protection (FRP) was previously known as Endpoint Encryption for Files & Folders (EEFF).

The necessary changes for the new product name will be incorporated in the Product Documentation, Knowledge Base Articles and Product UI in a future release.


In order to facilitate the use of USB devices in a secure manner, File & Removable Media Protection product currently offers five “Protection Level” options for USB devices.


(1) Allow Unprotected Access

The product just silently logs end user activites in the background


(2) Allow Encryption (with offsite access)

"Container based approach", allows access to encrypted USB devices on machines without having to install any McAfee Encryption software


(3) Enforce Encryption (with offsite access)

Similar to the second option except that copy operations to the USB devices are blocked unless the device is encrypted


(4) Enforce Encryption (onsite access only)

"File based approach", ensures that the encrypted USB devices can only be read on machines with the client software installed (and the required key available). Any attempts to read the encrypted  files in an unapproved/unauthorized environment will be unsuccessful


(5) Block Write Operations

This protection option restricts USB devices to read-only mode

More details and screenshots on the “Protection Level” options can found at :


The “Protection Level” options outlined above for Removable USB Media devices are available for CD/DVDs as well.