We launched EEPC v7.0 in Dec’12 with support for a “direct migration” path from EEPC v5.2.6 and higher (non ePO managed) to EEPC v7 (ePO managed). Post launch, we have been working very hard to qualify additional migration paths to ensure our customers can make an easy leap to our latest release.


As of March 2013, customers running any version of EEPC v5.2.x(i.e. EEPC v5.2.1 and higher) can perform a “direct migration” to EEPC v7. See https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB77738 for additional details.


There are several reasons that are prompting customers to migrateto v7 quickly. Here are some of the top reasons we hear constantly fromcustomers that have completed the migration successfully with great results.


  1. The lower operational cost of managing driveencryption from within McAfee ePO (one thing less to manage and maintain, one thing less to train people on)
  2. Increasing need and use of ePO managed removable media encryption to secure data copied to USB and optical media.
  3. The value of adding the data security dimension to the unified situational awareness that only a centralized management console like McAfee ePO can provide.
  4. Increased use of Macintosh (Starting Q1’13, the same EEPC license allows customers to deploy McAfee drive encryption either on PC’s-EEPC or Macs-EEMac)
  5. Adoption of Windows 8 (EEPC v7 is the first version with support for this new OS)
  6. The increasing need to support Windows 8 based tablets (EEPC v7.0.x supports the UEFI APP/SPP protocols so that users can use the on screen keyboard to enter pre-boot login credentials)
  7. Near native performance to guarantee great user experience  (customers are refreshing laptops with SSDs on them)
  8. Refreshing hardware with OPAL self encrypting drives (only recent ePO managed versions support OPAL)
  9. A keen interest to utilize McAfee Deep Command (Intel vPro/AMT with EEPC v7 to increase the reach of IT to remote users,dramatically slashing the cost of management of laptops)
  10. Impending EOS/EOL of older versions of non ePO managed EEPC (v5.2.x)
  11. The ability to use offline activation to drive down operational costs (note that offline activation was enhanced further in v7.0 Patch 1 to add support for fast initial encryption that can help you encrypt new drives in minutes)



If you are running a non-ePO managed EEPC v5.2.1 or higher, we believe this is your golden opportunity to make the leap to ePO managed encryption and provide your users with a superior experience, drive down operational costs and provide clear insight into the critical data security dimension of your organizational security situational awareness.