Many companies are looking to deploy the latest generation of tablets and convertibles based on Windows 8 Pro. They want to use these tablets for mobile point of sale, patient health monitoring systems in hospitals, law enforcement vehicles etc. The data security needs for these tablets/convertibles are mostly identical to that of regular laptops:


(1)  Data on the drive: Encrypt the drive on the tablets and ensure that access to the OS and the data on the drive is protected by strong pre-boot authentication. 

(2)  Data Leaving the Device: Audit, Encrypt or Block removable media (USB) attached to the Win8 tablets

(3)  Data in files/folders: transparently encrypt andaudit access to designated files and folders that may contain sensitive data.


Let’s look at how we can make this desired security posture real.


To encrypt the entire drive, McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PCs (EEPC) is a great fit. In v7, we added support for Windows 8 and the UEFI based boot process. In addition to this, tables/convertibles have a few additional requirements to satisfy.


- On a tablet, the pre-boot environment hasto be rendered with correct scaling and has to accept input from the touchscreen.

- On a convertible, in addition to the tablet requirements listed above, the pre-boot environment also needs to work with a simple pointing device such as a mouse and an external keyboard.


The UEFI specification and Windows 8 logo certified devices ensure that it is possible for a product like McAfee EEPC to interoperate with almost every Windows 8 tablet/convertible. To guarantee the widest possible interoperability, we are announcing the availability of a “UEFI test tool for EEPC” that will help OEMs and customers answer two critical questions in a few minutes:

1. Does this tablet/convertible support the absolute and simple pointer protocols?

2. Are these protocols implemented correctly?


For more details on the UEFI test tool,


Here is a screenshot showing what you would see when you use the UEFI test tool on a touch compatible tablet/convertible. The arrows point out the successful result on this tablet.

Win8 Tablet Tool.png


To secure against egress of data through removable media, McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders (EEFF) is a great fit. Today, we launched EEFF v4.1.1 and with this release, we now formally support Windows 8. You can now deploy this release to audit, and enforce encrypt/block egress of data from the tablet/convertible to removable media such as USB flash drives.


To secure files/folders on the tablet/convertible, McAfee EndpointEncryption for Files and Folders (EEFF) is a great fit. With the launch of v4.1.1, we now formally support Windows 8. You can now designate certain folders/files on the tablet to be always encrypted in a manner transparent tothe user and applications. You can also designate files of a certain type (forexample “xlsx”) to be always transparently encrypted. You can also whitelist and blacklist certain applications from being able to access the content inside the encrypted files.

For more details about this release, have a look at


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