I met a customer a few months back that had a new business requirement to send over 500GB of extremely sensitive data to a certifying agency on an ongoing basis. They were trying to figure out how they could implement this securely and not impose unnecessary security technology burden on the partner agency.


It turns out, they were not aware that this use case could be easily addressed with McAfee Removable Media Encryption. In fact, this is a relatively simple 4-step process.

Step 1:
The end user responsible to send the data to the partner agency inserts an external USB drive to the laptop. The USB drive can be a simple USB flash drive or a large terabyte size external drive.

Step 2:
Upon insertion of the USB drive, McAfee removable media encryption prompts the user to create a "secure container" on the drive. This container is encrypted and protected by a strong password. Admins can configure and manage the criteria for password strength from McAfee ePO.


Step 3:
The user copies the data to the secure container on the USB drive and ships it to the partner agency.

Step 4:
The recipient at the partner agency inserts the USB drive into their computer and is prompted for the password to access the secure container. Once they enter it, they have access to the data in the secure container via Windows Explorer.

It is important to point out that in Step 4, the partner did not have to install any specialized security software on their computer.
In addition to sending data securely outside the company to partners and vendors, your users can also use this to carry data securely on USB drives and work from their home computers or anywhere. 


If the USB drive is lost or stolen in transit, the attacker only gets to see the encrypted secure container and has zero visibility into the file names or the content inside the container. In an upcoming blog, we will describe how we are extending this “secure container” in an upcoming release to optical media (CD/DVDs) and ISO container files. This will allow our customers to share data with customers with extremely cheap media (CD/DVDs) and files!