Historically,McAfee’s Endpoint Encryption for PC and Mac were sold and licensed as separate products.


We recognize the growing importance of Macs in a corporate environment. Starting Q1’13, we have made the licensing simpler and extremely convenient for our customers.

The benefits of the new licensing model are:

(1)  License entitlement to deploy on either Windows or Mac OS X

(2)  Pool the licenses and freely shift from Windows to a Mac or vice versa.

(3)  Only worry about the total count in the license pool.


Existing Licensees

If you have a current license for Endpoint Encryption for PC, you are “automatically entitled” to Endpoint Encryption for Mac as well. You will see this software package show up when you navigate to software downloads. If you have unutilized licenses for PC, you can now use them towards Macs if you choose to do so.

New Endpoint Encryption Customers

Your license entitlement starts life as a cross platform, pooled license. You are free to utilize the license on either a Windows or a Mac.

NOTE: It is also worth reminding customers that the Endpoint Encryption for PC and Mac products are already very tightly integrated.


- Almost all features are available across the PC and Mac encryption products (exceptions only when the OS or hardware prevents us)

- Unified and integrated policy in ePO

- Integrated reporting

- Identical featured and looking support tools and frameworks

- Identical and integrated pre-boot environment

- Common and integrated product documentation with OS specific sections