Update: In 2014 McAfee renamed Endpoint Encryption for PC (EEPC) to McAfee Drive Encryption (MDE). These instructions are valid for both versions.


On March 9th, 2012 McAfee completed the FIPS validation process for Endpoint Encryption for PC. This makes us the first company to offer a FIPS validated encryption product that utilizes Intel AES-NI technology. This validation was done on specific crypto modules that are in EEPC 6.1.3, but we have designed the product so that it can re-use these modules in future versions. This means that you will be able to upgrade the product without compromising or losing FIPS validation.


Our NIST cert numbers are 1677 and 1686 and you can get more details here: http://csrc.nist.gov/groups/STM/cmvp/documents/140-1/1401val2012.htm