I have attached a working EE Tech ISO to the bottom of this post, but I'll also explain how I did it for those interested in knowing how to build one.


  1. Download the latest EEPC build from the McAfee download site
  2. Find and extract the EE Tech directory
  3. Use the Windows command line to go to that directory and then execute this command
    • Bootdisk.exe EETech.RTB eetech.dsk
  4. This will create a disk image file with the .dsk extension
  5. To convert this to an ISO, you need to use a CD burning utility like Nero. I used the free trial of Nero Burning Rom 10 to build my ISO.
    • Launch Nero and select CD-ROM (Boot) as your compilication type
    • Browse to the eetech.dsk file and use that as your image file in Nero


    • Then click New
    • This will open a new screen in Nero. Make sure that "Image Recorder" is selected in the list of recorders.


    • Click Burn.
    • Nero will prompt you to name the file and select a location, make sure you choose ISO from the drop down menu instead of the default .nrg file
    • Nero will then create the EE Tech ISO file