As an adjunct to our monthly Patch Tuesday updates, Microsoft released an out-of-band patch on August 18th. They only release out-of-band patches for the most critical security bugs, so this one is very important.


Generic Buffer Overflow protection in VSE BOP and Host IPS is expected to cover code execution exploits. Application Control’s runtime control of applications using Execution Control, coupled with Memory Protection helps in protecting against attacks targeting this vulnerability.


Bulletin Number

KB Number


Bulletin Rating

Vulnerability Impact

McAfee Labs Security Advisory Number

Intel Security Coverage



Security Update for Internet Explorer


Remote Code Execution


Covered Products:

  • Vulnerability Mgr (Aug 19)
  • BOP
  • Host IPS
  • NSP
  • Application Control

Under Analysis:

  • DAT
  • Web Gateway
  • Firewall Enterprise


Stay safe!