The customer reference team invites you and your peers to join McAfee's industry-focused Roundtable Reference Call Series. During each event, McAfee's expert moderators will lead an unscripted panel discussion with 2-4 resident support account managers that represent organizations within each industry. The calls will focus on topics including: industry and business related challenges, solution overviews, implementation and use best-practices, benefits and results with each organization. Listeners are encouraged to participate in the live Q&A with each panel after the main discussion.


*Please note that the calls are audio-only.  The weblink that you recieve upon registration is optional, and will have dial-in information (also in the email you will recieve upon registration) and bios for each panel member during the call.


Upcoming Events


Financial Services- Feb 28 2012 8am pst

Financial services organizations operate large, mission-critical networks that process seemingly endless volumes of sensitive information. The critical nature of these organizations makes them the target of attacks, ranging from denial of service to information theft, initiated by malicious insiders, organized criminal organizations, unscrupulous competitors, and even hostile nation-states. 

Register to learn how our panel of resident support account managers (RSAM) combat these industry threats each day. A live Q&A session follows the panel discussion.



Telco- March 6 2012 7am pst

As part of the critical infrastructure sector, telecommunications providers need solid security that scales to meet network demands.  In addition, organizations in this industry are constantly searching for ways to secure cloud offerings for customers, and ways to offer more reliable and scalable mobile offerings for enterprise and consumer customers.

Register to learn how our panel of resident support account managers (RSAM) combat these industry threats each day. A live Q&A session follows the panel discussion.



Public Sector- April 3 2012 7am pdt

The move to government transparency and greater connection with citizens over web 2.0, as well as the increase in data over networks, increases the risk of inadvertent exposures of sensitive information.  This, in combination with FDCC, FISMA, OMB regulations, continuous monitoring, and state privacy laws, makes security in public sector entities quintessential.

Register for this call to hear how our panel of expert RSAMs from the industry have tackled these challenges. A live Q&A with participants follows the panel discussion.



Health Care- April 17 2012 11am pdt

With the presence of HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, SOX, and privacy laws, securing protected health information (PHI) and preventing disruption of clinical services from external attacks is both an ethical and legal obligation for organizations in this sector.

Register to hear how our panel of expert resident support account managers (RSAM) keep their organizations compliant and ahead of malware and vulnerabilities.



Higher Education- April 24 2012 7:30am pdt

Business- and academic-related IT security challenges facing Higher and Lower Education include the need to secure sensitive information, to protect network infrastructure from malware, and to reduce cost. Institutions are constantly working to protect against threats coming into and possibly going out of school networks, while allowing students and faculty to utilize the latest technologies.

Register to hear how our panel of resident support account managers (RSAMs) are reducing risk of vulnerability, and maximizing return on investments at their institutions.