Day 7 – Mystery Shopper Scams





In McAfee’s 12 Scams of Christmas blog we noted that mystery shoppers are people who are hired to shop in a store and report back on the customer service. Sadly, scammers are now using this fun job to try to lure people into revealing personal and financial information.  There have been reports of scammers sending text messages to victims, offering to pay them $50 an hour to be a mystery shopper, and instructing them to call a number if they are interested.  Once the victim calls, they are asked for their personal information, including credit card and bank account numbers.





Ever heard of social engineering? It is identified by Wikipedia as the art of manipulating people into performing actions of divulging confidential information. Chances are you’ve been a victim of social engineering and didn’t know it.  Ever had anyone call you at work looking for an individual that does not exist in the directory and then ask you to confirm who you are and what department you’re in? What type of awareness and prevention has your company done in dealing with social engineering? Send us a 2-3 sentence response by 5pm pacific @ to enter today's contest for an Amazon Kindle.




Contest Details and Conditions

  • Contest runs from Tuesday, December 13 at 10am through Friday, December 23 at 5pm PST.
  • Each day's entries will qualify for one of 9 Kindle prizes
  • Participants must be current McAfee customers to be eligible.
  • The scam of the day will be posted by 10am PST and participants will have until 5pm PST to email contest entries to
  • Winners will be randomly selected from all entries of each day’s contest.



Winning entries will be posted in the contest blog on 12/27, though any name, organization, or identifiable information will be removed prior to posting.  Winners will be contacted via email for shipping information.



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