Day 2 – “I’m away from home”  Scammers

In McAfee’s 12 Scams of Christmas blog, we noted that

‘Posting information about a vacation on social networking sites could actually be dangerous. If someone is connected with people they don’t know on Facebook or other social networking sites, they could see their post and decide that it may be a good time to rob them. Furthermore, a quick online search can easily turn up their home address.


“We don’t want consumers to be haunted by the scams of holidays past, present and future,” said Jim Walter, manager at McAfee Labs. “With the increase in malware and other attacks on smartphones, tablets and Macs, users need to stay vigilant and ensure they protect all of their devices, not just their home PC – they can’t afford to leave the door open to cyber-grinches during the busy holiday season.”



Applying this example to an organization, it is critical to ensure the security and safety of infrastructure and corporate resources during the holidays.  What best-practices do your organizations employ to protect the enterprise from physical or web-based intrusions? Send us a brief description to enter today’s contest!







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