McAfee recently published a blog post called the’12 Scams of Christmas’, which focuses on the most common threats to individuals during the holiday season.  While the specifics of the blog post are focused on consumers, these attacks are a constant threat for businesses of all sizes globally.  In the spirit of sharing best-practices, we want to know what tips you and your organizations have in regards to many of these scams. 

To facilitate this, McAfee’s customer reference program, The Place at McAfee, is opening its annual holiday contest to all McAfee business customers!  Each day between 12/13through 12/23 at 10am pacific time, we will post a selected scam from McAfee’s blog post, along with instructions on how to enter that day’s drawing to win one of  9 Amazon Kindles. 

Email your contest entries to and we will announce the daily winners on 12/27.  Winning entries will be posted, however we will remove all names and company names to ensure anonymity.  Enter daily for the most opportunities to win! Happy holidays 

Contest Details and Conditions

  • Contest runs from Tuesday, December 13 at 10am through Friday, December 23 at 5pm PST.
  • Participants must be current McAfee customers to be eligible.
  • The scam of the day will be posted by 10am PST and participants will have until 5pm PST to email contest entries to
  • Winners will be randomly selected from all entries of each day’s contest.


Winning entries will be posted in the contest blog on 12/27, though any name, organization, or identifiable information will be removed prior to posting.