ePO Administrators: While troubleshooting an issue, how many times have you contacted remote users or your Helpdesk team asking them to manually enable debug logging (Log level 8) for McAfee Agent or McScript updating the registry locally?  Or, how many times have you asked remote users to collect MERs from their systems, interrupting their normal activities?  Probably several times ,and as such you have significantly impacted many in your organization.


The McAfee Supportability team has developed a tool to provide a more efficient and less intrusive way to accomplish the same directly from your ePolicy Orchestrator console, without interrupting your users or support staff.  ePO-MER is a simple ePO extension that, once checked in the repository, allows you to configure log level settings via a policy change, create and schedule MERs collection tasks at any time as well as providing multiple ways to save the results (or upload to McAfee Support) for further analysis.


Check it out!!


ePO-MER 2.2 for ePO 4.x content has just been updated and is available for download


NOTE: The following information impacts all ePO-managed products including: VSE, HIPs, and DLP.


ePO-MER integrates the MER Tool with ePolicy Orchestrator version 4.x.


Product features include :


• Support for the following language Versions: DE, FR, ES, JP, KO, RU, CN-ZH, CN-TW

• Support for Internet Explorer 8 and FireFox 3.X

• Support for ePO 4.5 and MA 4.5

• Deploying and running the MER package on an ePolicy Orchestrator managed computer

• Uploading MER results to the McAfee server, FTP site or UNC share

• Saving MER results file on the client


For full details, see KnowledgeBase article KB69644 (http://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB69644)