Have you visited The Place at McAfee yet?


The Place at McAfee is the online customer reference community for loyal customers who want to share their enthusiasm for McAfee products and services. The Place offers opportunities for customers to network through our website and sponsored in-person events.


The Place is an exclusive community for customers where you can:


  • Connect with other McAfee customers and learn more about what’s new with McAfee
  • Exchange best practices and expand your network via Member Search, Discussion Forums, Exclusive Events and more
  • Access exclusive content from McAfee Labs, Training and Support, and interaction with McAfee executives
  • Earn valuable reward points as a thank you for your reference support
  • Promote and showcase your organization’s success and status in the security industry


For more information, visit the Member Cafe: http://www.mcafeetheplace.com/cafe/.


The Place features a points-based reward system to thank members who participate in reference activities. For every reference activity, members receive points that can be redeemed for McAfee services such as discounted training, passes to the FOCUS Security Conference, and books on security topics. Or points can be redeemed for donations to select charitable organizations.


Register today at https://www.mcafeetheplace.com!