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Attila Polinger


Meet Attila. He is an Enterprise customer located in Hungary and a pillar of our Business community. His company has used McAfee for 15 years! And with 931 points under his belt (and counting), he is the fourth most prolific member in the entire Business space. He has certainly earned his Champion status!


Attila visits every day (sometimes from home) and has expertise in many of our Corporate products, so you'll find him just about anywhere helping people on a wide variety of issues. He even performed an intense private troubleshooting session for a fellow member here (but don't take that as an offer, he's got a full time job!)


Attila actually admits to having worked with real live PUNCH CARDS. I've only heard about these strange and mysterious artifacts myself. But I might vaguely remember the IBM XT, which he claims to have worked with in real life as well.


Not surprisingly, he wrote a DOS antivirus program in a previous life. Attila is now an IT Security Consultant at his company, which he has been with since 1984. Clearly, he knows a thing or two about software and system security!


As you can see on the right, he LOVES being outdoors and he looks quite at home among the elements. I had to crop the gorgeous landscape of this picture so I could squeeze it on the page. Scroll down for a larger version because you've got to see this!


Now if I may climb on my soapbox: The lifeblood of any online community is the people BEHIND the pixels who seem to have an innate drive to simply help and share their knowledge and wisdom with complete strangers. This is a relatively rare and new phenomenon in the technical world because we tend to hoard knowledge to inflate our egos and job security. People like Attila who do not fit this historical mold are extremely special because without them the culture of a community cannot grow and flourish.


Attila, a sincere thank you on behalf of our community, and on behalf of McAfee! Your continued contribution here is truly appreciated.



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A little more about Attila:


Briefly explain what you do and how long you’ve been in your career.

I started working at my country’s oil company back in 1984 and been with this company – in the IT fields - ever since. My first IT experience was with punch cards an humming big computers, and saw the first IBM XT there years later as a rare artifact but with  questionable use. Later on I had various IT jobs from application programmer, to server and application administrator. My current position is group level security consultant and work in a team.



How often do you visit the McAfee community? How long have you been a member?

I took the revival of the user community a great chance of something useful for the users and the form of the forum is also very likable: I visit it every day, practically while I’m in the office (in rare occasions also when I’m at home). I joined the forum in 2009 as soon as I got news of the revival of it.



What areas in the community do you visit the most? How do you spend your time?

My favourite section is the ePolicy Orchestrator area and Email and Web security. I also attend the VirusScan Enterprise section an the Other McAfee product sections. If you mean how I spend the time with the community, then I usually look for questions that might cover my expertise and sometimes even bite on what seems more difficult and what does not get answers. Very lately I’ve taken a private troubleshooting session for two days for one of the members. This is not common, however, because it takes more time than just replying to questions.



What tips would you give someone who is new to the community?
Many questions lack the technical information, even if it seems self-explanatory: at least product name, version patch level, etc. should be mentioned as a start.



What is your favorite thing about the community?

The avatars of some people. I just laughed the other day because I imagined the starting sentences from the mouth of the creature that was shown!



What is the best advice you have received in the community?

I think I have not received any.



How long have you been using McAfee?  Which product(s) do you have expertise in?

I saw the very early Scan for DOS when viruses weren’t taken seriously because one or two appeared within several years. I even wrote an antivirus program for DOS  My company have used McAfee AV software for more than 15 years. I have – some or more –expertise in ePolicy Orchestrator, VirusScan Enterprise, Groupshield Exchange, Email and Web Security appliance and McAfee Quarantine Manager.



What advice would you give people using McAfee?

Do not rush implementing everything at once or else prepare for long hard troubleshooting times…



Do you speak any languages besides English?

Yes, I speak some German (which they seem to understand, too).



What is a fun fact about you?

When I’ve been also designated as company antivirus administrator in the era when VirusScan was just out of infancy and I liked to toy with it in my spare time, I took it as an insult ; I considered server/application administratorship a more serious position.




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